Companies warned not to destroy legacy systems

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Commissioned by integration software firm WRQ, the survey reported that nearly nine out of 10 UK organisations hold critical business data, such as customer information or staff payroll details, on legacy systems.

And the study found that nearly a third have more than 40% of their total corporate data residing on such systems.

Some 56% of UK businesses plan to invest in their legacy systems over the next three years, and well over half have already built on legacy systems when developing redesigned software systems and applications in the last 12 months, according to the research.

Bob Stream, head of WRQ UK, said that by identifying existing business processes, turning them into reusable components and storing them in a repository that can be accessed as required, organisations could change elements of their business within a matter of minutes, rather than weeks or months.

‘It’s a given today that businesses need to adapt and respond quickly to new technology trends, yet decreased budgets mean many can’t execute new initiatives in the fastest way possible,’ he said in a statement.

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