Dancelord taps itself into liquidation

Dancelord was wound up in the High Court last Wednesday with over £1m in unpaid bills. The debt includes £112,000 in unpaid VAT and £310,000 owed to David Wickes, the proposed director of Dreamdancer, the film Dancelord was supposed to produce.

The company was set up in 1999 to produce the film co-written by and starring Flatley. But the film never saw the light of day and the receiver is now holding 120,000 feet of uncut footage, the Evening Standard reported.

Creditors, including Wickes and members of the film crew, are chasing Flatley, alleging he is responsible for the company’s debts. But the Irish dancer insists he is not one of Dancelord’s directors and is therefore not responsible for the company’s debts.

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