Taxman relaxes online filing deadline

With the 31 January civil service strike expected to have taken place as
Accountancy Age went to press, HM
Revenue & Customs
appeared to have relaxed its guidelines over tax

Under current rules, tax returns can be made the day after the deadline and
will not receive a penalty. However the enquiry window on the return normally
extends from 12 to 15 months.

Richard Mannion,
Smith &
national tax director, said that HMRC would not extend the
enquiry window at all if a reasonable effort had been made to get to a tax
office. ‘In practice, HMRC has usually treated 1 February in this way, but you
shouldn’t really treat it as an extra day,’ added Mannion.

HMRC said it had received 2.6 million online self assessment filings by 29
January, a 40% increase on the same time last year.

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