ACCA slams self-assessment system

The survey, undertaken in June, shows that since the last survey in February more incorrect tax demands have been issued (June 85%, Feb 67%) and more delays have been experienced in processing returns (June 84%, Feb 71%).

Moreover, more returns have been lost by the Inland Revenue (June 66%, Feb 42%) and more erroneous late filing reminders issued (June 86%, Feb 62%).

And the worsening problems with the self-assessment system has led ACCA to call for the Inland Revenue to employ more staff and improve training.

ACCA head of tax Chas Roy-Chowdhury, said the survey shows 99% of UK practising members who specialise in tax are experiencing problems because of continuing mistakes made by the Inland Revenue.

‘Our members are resigned to the self-assessment system getting worse, not better, unless radical improvements are made,’ he said.

‘They want the Inland Revenue to employ more staff and give them better training,’ he added.

ACCA members also called for self-assessment forms to be better designed and simplified and for upgrading of inadequate computer systems.

‘The Revenue needs to review what is happening at the moment and invest time and money in improving the situation for millions of taxpayers in the UK,’ said Roy-Chowdhury.


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