Support grows for green tax on waste plants

Link: Brown set to implement plastic bags tax

He said it could be part of longer-term waste management policies which the government ‘needs’ to put in place.

Healey made it plain the proposal will be evaluated in the light of a report due out on the government’s strategy unit waste project due to be completed soon.

He said the need to minimise the production of waste and maximise the re-use and recycling of waste was at the heart of its policies.

But he ruled out demands from some Labour MPs for a further new tax on packaging.

Exchanges in the Commons followed new Tory attacks on the Climate Change Levy, claimed by some to be forcing energy intensive companies to go abroad.

Paymaster general Dawn Primarolo said the government would scrutinise the way the tax is working but insisted it is needed to meet the emission targets set for Britain at Kyoto.

She insisted: ‘Climate change is with us now and we cannot wait for solutions tomorrow.’

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