US accountants teach nine-year olds to budget

Children aged from nine to 12 are being taught how to budget, figure out
profit versus expenses in running a lemonade stand, and the meanings of words
like ‘estimate’, ‘invest’ and ‘economize’ in a new program devised by the
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), Web CPA reported.

The financial literacy program called ‘Budget Buzz’ will reach 650,000 fourth
grade students across the United States and is part of the AICPA’s ‘360 Degrees
of Financial Literacy’ campaign.

A recent survey conducted by the AICPA and Weekly Reader Corp, which
publishes the program material, found that 59% of US children between the ages
of 9 and 12 said they would save at least $50 of a $100 gift.

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