Southern majority for Scots ICA.

The Scots ICA will train more students in England and Wales than it will north of the border from September, according to the institute’s annual report. Writing in the report, published this week, president Charles Monaghan described the decision by Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers to switch more new students to the Scottish institute from the English ICA as ‘very gratifying’. KPMG, where English ICA president Dame Sheila Masters is a partner, is also encouraging students to take the Scottish route. Speaking after publication of the report, new ICAS chief executive David Brew said: ‘In September 2000 we expect the Institute’s graduate intake to rise to around 1000 students, some 600 of whom will be based throughout England and Wales.’ ACCA announced details of its new three-part syllabus this week, with the first examinations for the new scheme taking place in December 2001.

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