Budget 08: Cameron says business has ‘lost faith’ in government

Opposition leader David Cameron has issued a withering attack on the latest
Budget proposals, blaming prime minister Gordon Brown for the growing deficit
faced by the government.

Cameron said business had lost faith in the government over changes to CGT
and income shifting taxation.

‘It’s the most disastrous start of any chancellor, but ask yourself any
question about this Budget and it comes back to the prime minister.

‘The chancellor has the biggest budget deficit in western Europe, because the
previous chancellor spent it in the last 11 Budgets.’

A Tory government would look to cut the headline rate of corporation tax and
reduce tax red tape on smaller businesses, he said.

‘Business has fallen out of love with Labour,’ said Cameron.

‘He [Darling] didn’t even mention that the government would bring in an extra
£200m from new income shifting rules.’

Conservatives would introduce green taxes that would then flow into a fund
for spending on families, Cameron added.

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