Most unusual new VAT rules revealed

This year, the Moroccan tax office has deemed that the operation of
Turkish-style baths and public showers are exempt from VAT, but if you fancy
using a bit of soap while you are there, then you will be forced to pay 7% tax
on the soap used.

This was just one of the five most unusual international VAT rules for 2006
revealed by tax software vendor Taxware.

Proving that taxation need not be a dry and boring affair, governments around
the world found the most unlikely of activities and object to apply VAT to.

Others include:

– Belgians that collect and store manure pay VAT at the standard rate of 21%,
who will now only have to pay VAT at 6% if the manure is spread around as it is
then viewed as an agricultural service

– Icelandic books written in the Icelandic language which will be taxed 14%,
rather than the standard 24.5% for those printed in other languages.

– Never one to miss out on all things absurd, in the Republic of Ireland the
‘shodding’ of horses attracts a levy of 21% whilst equine dentistry is taxed at
just 13.5%.

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