Secrets and pies

Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone, but TS has gone underground this week to expose the truth for you, our treasured readers. Unfortunately, not having gone further than the back garden to do this, all we’ve managed to dig up so far was an old bathtub and an ants nest.

Link: Taking Stock blog

Nevertheless, we’ve not been alone in searching out secrets. We had a chat with consultants involved in the Freedom of Information Act, and Joe Public has been very inquisitive into at least two subjects. The truth is out there!

Our old friend and ICAEW president Paul Druckman has also been harbouring a secret passion for football, and no doubt the pies that come along with it at half time. If you want to find out which team, click here, but we’ll tell you now, it’s not Chelsea.

Another classic line from internal market comedian, sorry commissioner Charlie McCreevy this week. As well as calling some of his predecessors at the EU ‘bureaucratic boneheads’ in a speech recently he’s also used a very choice metaphor to describe how accounts can try and hide important information. There’s the making of a charmer in that man.

Not a secret, but very much alone this week has been a poor PR at E&Y, assigned to handling calls on the Equitable case. TS has some sympathy, as we’re ostracised by the rest of the office anyway.

That’s it for this week, although there’s plenty more stuff on our blog if you’ve got some time on your hands. We’re going to try a different tactic to bring you the freshest gossip next week, but first we have a huge hole in the garden to fill.

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