IT going green to combat credit crunch

Converting IT to become more environmentally friendly is still a business
priority, according to a survey by Storage Expo 513.

Research from the content management and data storage company found that 70%
of those surveyed believed that green IT was a priority to its business
objectives as long as it also saved them money. Just fewer than 5% stated it
would be a priority regardless of the cost and savings.

Going against the majority, one in ten said that its business was no longer
pursing environmental IT due to budget cutbacks, 4% stated that it was never a
priority in the first instance and 2% answered that they were too concerned
about their job to even ‘think’ about it.

Natalie Booth, event manager for Storage Expo 2008 said: ‘In today’s
uncertain economic environment, and with energy usage and prices increasing at a
rapid rate, finding ways to reduce power consumption whilst maintaining the
growth of one’s business is high priority.’

‘The credit crunch has made a number of businesses rethink their IT
strategies and budgets. However contrary to what most companies think green IT
and beating the credit crunch can go hand in hand if the right strategy is used’
she added.

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