Companies House abolishes 3-day late filing concession

The concession will not apply to accounts delivered late on or after 1 October 2000.

The three-day concession was introduced in 1994 in response to the claim that companies were unfamiliar with the late filing penalties system. It gave a measure of relief to companies who had had a ‘within time’ filing history in the period following the introduction of penalties in 1992.

Speaking about the concession’s withdrawal chief executive at Companies House John Holden, said: ‘The Companies Act creates a clear duty on company directors to ensure delivery of their companies? accounts to Companies House by the due date.

‘The concession was introduced to meet a need at a time when late filing penalties were new and unfamiliar.’

‘The late filing penalty system has now been around long enough for company directors and their advisers to have become familiar,’ he said.

‘The delivery of accounts by the due date is just one, relatively straight-forward responsibility of company directors.’

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