Taking stock – Accounts worker was inspiration for Schultz.

At last the unrequited love that drove cartoonist Charles Shultz to create Peanuts and the gang has been revealed. And wouldn’t you know it; it was the redhead in accounts. When Shultz returned from the second world war he began teaching at an art school in Minneapolis. At the same time, Donna Wold, now 70 and grey-haired, was working in the accounts department. Alas, according to The Daily Telegraph, Donna was already in love with a family friend – a fireman whom she married and had four children with. ‘Ah shucks,’ as Charlie Brown might have said. ‘Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy,’ Schultz wrote this week as he announced his retirement. ‘How can I ever forget them.’ Maybe he should have added Ms Wold to the list.

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