Oops! They’ve done it again

The firm’s first song, Your World, was revealed by Accountancy Age in 1999. And we were first to reveal that KPMG had jumped on the bandwagon with KPMG, strong as can be.

But far funnier, or better according to a spokesperson, is PwC are here for you. The song, from the rap/funk/fusion crossover school, sounds like it was scored for a Bontempi organ and a stylophone.

Lyrics include:

Being number one is just sensational it helps our cause and international;
We’re fast and smart and super mobile, my friends it’s true;
We’re downright global.

We work with companies that want to grow, to find new markets and increase cash flow;
We help these companies to expand and thrive, to see them through to the Fortune Five.

Talk about taxes;
State and local;
Evaluate, negotiate and reduce;
Taxes such as income, property, sales.

A spokesman from PwC said he had heard the song and said that it had ‘gone down well’ at the firm.

He reckoned it would rocket to the top of the corporate anthem charts: ‘This beats anything we’ve heard to date.’

The song did not include any mention of the recent decision to cut 10% of UK partners – you would have thought the lyricists could come up with a word to rhyme with ‘axe’.

You can download a copy of the anthem in MP3 format from here. But we urge caution. Rumour has it, if you play the song backwards it’s still not very good.

Reports that Eminem will shortly be joining the firm are, as yet, unconfirmed.

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