Taking Stock – Four Letter Football Accounting Term.

It is well-known that footballers use a high volume of industrial language. England managers in particular (Graham Taylor and Terry Venables spring to mind), are famous for it.

However, TS would never have thought Big Five accountants would be caught up in the use of foul language – until Deloitte & Touche unveiled its ninth Annual Review of Football Finance.

After the main presentation had taken place, the floor was opened up to the audience to ask questions. A hack from a national newspaper asked, in view of spiralling wages, what was likely to happen if an average Premier League player asked his chairman for a pay rise to #100,000 a week.

Gerry Boon, head partner of the D&T football accountants, replied: ‘He’ll tell you to piss off – and for anyone here who is not an accountant – that is a technical accounting term!’

Well, it’s a new one on us.

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