E-envoy to sort out vetting teacher chaos

Link: E-envoy details e-government vision

Pinder was summoned to resolve the difficulties facing the bureau as it attempted to clear the vetting log-jam.

The bureau is a joint venture between the Home Office and outsourcing group Capita, headed by CIPFA-trained Rod Aldridge.

The company, which stands to be paid £400m over the next ten years for the service, had anticipated that most applications would be made either by phone or over the internet, but in reality 70% were made on paper, creating a delay with inputting the information.

Capita, set up by Aldridge through a management buyout from CIPFA, said: ‘Although the disclosure service is failing to deliver to the published standards, both CRB and Capita have implemented procedures to improve the level of performance.’

Pinder leads the government’s online initiative.

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