Conservative Party Conference – Hague declares war on stealth taxes

The leader of the opposition said a Conservative government would slash the burgeoning bureaucracy created by New Labour.

He told the party conference in Bournemouth: ‘Red tape is prolific. Waste is endemic. The bureaucracy is bloated. Political correctness is rampant.’

He highlighted the impact of the new IR35 tax rules on IT consultants as an example of the red tape and stealth taxes stifling Britain.

‘We are going to stop wasting money on worthless government schemes that only designed to win headlines for Tony Blair.

‘We’re going to reduce the number of ministers, cut the size of the House of Commons, halve the number of political advisers and the cut the size of Whitehall so that there aren’t so many politicians going around dreaming up expensive, meddling schemes to interfere in everybody’s lives,’ he pledged.

Tories deny IR35 switch

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