Deloitte: UK companies breached ‘from within’

Around half of all IT security breaches at UK companies actually come from
inside the company, with USB memory sticks responsibility for an increasing
amount of incidents, a technology study by Deloitte has found.

According to Deloitte, such devices are hard to monitor but have the
potential to pass infected files onto a company’s computer system.

More than four-fifths (83%) of firms surveyed expressed concern about
employee misconduct involving information systems, while the study also found
that increased reliance on IT in the technology, media and telecoms industries
has left many businesses open to attack. 

Embarrassingly, half of all technology companies reported electronic security
breaches in the past twelve months with roughly one third of all security
breaches resulted in significant financial losses for the company concerned.

Gerry Fitzpatrick, a partner in Deloitte’s enterprise risk services group
said: ‘Companies are becoming more aware of the impact of technical security
attacks because their businesses revolve increasingly around digital information
and technology.

‘Everything from voice telephony to prime time television is now created and
transmitted as a series of zeros and ones – making it vulnerable to infection,
attack and theft. Protecting the confidentiality and integrity of data, as well
as ensuring its available when required, is now an important aspect of effective
operational management.’

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