Moorgate place restructures – English ICA refocuses on members.

The English ICA will launch four ‘focuses’ today as part of a drive to help communicate better with its members throughout the profession, writes Ben Griffiths. The four Focuses will centre on Business – for members working in finance, commerce or industry; Practice – for those partners or employees who work in practice; International – for those who live or work outside the UK; and Younger Members – for those under the age of 36. The creation of the groups has stemmed from member research, which examined what English ICA members wanted from their institute and identified the need for new ways of communicating with them. Each focus will be chaired by a leading figure from within the field. Nigel Turnbull will chair Business; Baker Tilly chairman Clive Parritt will chair Practice; Bob Webb will chair International and Alun Morgan will chair Younger Members. Initially the Institute will write to members allocating Focus membership, which will be voluntary. It is also envisaged that some members will want to belong to more than one focus.

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