Public Sector – NHS systems face crisis in 2000

The National Health Service’s failure to prepare for the year 2000 will cause a crisis of mammoth proportions, a leading software specialist has warned.

Prove It 2000’s survey of the UK’s public healthcare system revealed more than a third of NHS trusts, hospitals and general practitioner surgeries have spent nothing to ensure their systems are millennium-ready.

Just 24% of NHS administration systems are millennium-compliant. Over 53% of those surveyed said the date change will have a devastating effect on systems, but more than half of all year-2000 budgets have not been approved.

‘The findings contradict the government’s assurance of the public sector’s readiness for 2000. The thought that system-critical equipment such as operating theatres has not been tested chills me to the bone,’ said Richard Coppel, chief executive of Prove It 2000.

He estimated the cost of combating the bomb was between #500m and #1bn, but the average amount spent by NHS trusts is a mere #15,000.

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