Howard: tax alone will not return us to power

The Tories must broaden their election appeal beyond simply promising tax
cuts, Michael Howard will warn his party today.

In a speech aimed at setting out his views on the party’s future, he will
claim that taxes are no longer the ‘silver bullet’ that will guarantee his party
an election win.

His view that a broadening of the Tories’ appeal is vital for a return to
power, is mirrored by increasing numbers of party members who feel that the
state of public services are a much greater priority than tax.

According to the national press, he will say in his speech, ‘I do not believe
that tax cuts are the silver bullet, the panacea to the party’s problems. They
cannot be all that we stand for, all that defines us.

‘We need to reach out; we need broad appeal, a programme that meets the many
different challenges we face in modern Britain.’

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