Number 10 turns to accountant to relaunch its Web site

The ‘story’ of Captain Bruce Cox’s exploits as a member of the British Expeditionary Force it told in the magazine section of the new site.

Cox, a management accountant, was deployed to join the 450-strong 4th Regiment, Royal Artillery, in May in Macedonia just as hostilities against the Serbs ended.

He was in charge of the movement of the regiment to and from Balkans and on into Kosovo as well as ensuring it had the transport and resources to do the job. One of his first jobs was to go into action – against weevils in the bread of the local bakery.

On his return to the UK he spoke of the destruction caused by the Serbs and the Nato bombardment and the morale of the Kosovar regugees, who were ‘friendly, sharing what little they had, and full of hope for the future.’

The website was relaunched last week including interactive video tours round the staterooms inside No 10 and clips of Prime Minister’s Question Time in the Commons. It has built-in links to all Government departments. Number 10 Downing Street

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