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Gordon Brown may not have pulled any rabbits out of hats, but for the finance professional the Budget statement remains a significant annual event.

And features full coverage of the chancellor’s measures – whether they were proposed last week or back in his October pre-Budget report.

Our website also features an ‘at a glance’ summary page linking to appropriate stories written by our team on the day. And if Labour are successful in the election, we will continue to follow all Brown’s proposals all the way to the statute book.

We have also introduced a handy electronic tax card detailing all the tax rates for 2000/01 – so if you’re out of the office with a client you can check the rates online.

Enhanced link areas connect you to relevant parts of the Inland Revenue, Customs & Excise and Treasury sites, and we have searched for relevant articles in our own archive.

Additionally we have gathered opinions on different elements of the Budget from leading figures from the profession. So whether you watched the chancellor or not, has the resources to keep you on top of the Budget.

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