Profession undervalues fairer sex

The research, conducted on 600 accountants earning over Pounds 60,000 per year, revealed the average salary of men to be Pounds 104,000, while women earned only Pounds 76,000 per annum.

Salary expectations are also lower, as Barclays found women expected to earn just Pounds 141,000 at the peak of their careers while men aimed at Pounds 207,000 a year.

In terms of work/life balance, men feel work has an adverse effect on their home and social life, yet they socialise with their work colleagues more than women. Female accountants prefer to use their free time for matters that are not work-related.

But women value their free time more than men, believing it to be worth Pounds 104 per hour instead of the Pounds 54 rate chosen by men. In addition 70% of women say they would prefer more free time instead of money. Just 55% of males say they would make a similar choice.


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