Taking Stock – IoD staff relegated to the broom cupboard?

Some business people are destined to go up in the world.[QQ] Attempting to reach Richard Baron at the Institute of Directors, would-be contacts could be forgiven for thinking the deputy head of policy had attained far too much of an elevated position to consider dealing with mere mortals. In a bid to reach Baron, TS was transferred by the switchboard to a rather remote extension – silence was followed by clanging and what sounded like a machine kicking into gear. Finally someone answered TS’s pleas and was promptly told we had reached the intercom in the lift. The lift! Are we to assume staff are no longer offered a simple desk at the IoD or have they taken the trend of hot-desking too far? We hasten to speculate where else in the IoD’s sumptuous Pall Mall headquarters senior staff may now be billeted. Will messages now be taken in the gents and scratched on the wall over urinals? Will executives make calls from the broom cupboard or be relegated to squeezing in among the stationery? Is space so short that secretaries will answer the phones from balconies? Perhaps the illustrious institute will be forced to seek larger premises in less salubrious surroundings. If PwC does split there’ll be room at Embankment Place. TS is sure there is plenty of cupboard space there, and the loos are quite spacious too. ?:

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