Brown admits to help with tax returns

The confession – in an election phone-in programme – came after an accountant from Chelmsford complained many ordinary taxpayers ‘find it virtually impossible to fill in a return’.

Accountant Daron Gunson said the return is so complicated that it covers 16 pages and requires 64 pages of explanatory notes.

He asked: ‘Do you manage to fill in your own tax return and if Labour get elected do you plan to do anything to simplify the tax system?’

Brown highlighted the role of a Tax Simplification Committee and pointed to various other measures undertaken by the government.

But he had to be pressed to answer the question: ‘Who does yourtax return?’

He finanlly responded: ‘I actually fill it in, but I do get help. Ittakes me not as long as it takes the accountant who helps me.’

Gunson complained the tax law rewrite had been going on for five years with ‘very little progress to date’ and called for it to be given more resources.


Renewed calls for tax simplification

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