Institute staff flee from fire in toilets

Nor was it palls of blue cigar smoke flooding the members lounge which caused the London Fire Brigade to drop in.

TS has learned that the real reason staff were forced to flee the building on was a malfunctioning hair dryer which filled the ladies toilet with acrid smoke.More than 400 staff and visitors had to be evacuated as four fire engines screamed into Moorgate Place to deal with the incident.

Apparently disgruntled staffers and guests were forced out into the pouring rain as firemen checked the building over. They were allowed back inside after 40 minutes only to be thrown back into the rain 10 minutes later for a further hour.

But once given the all clear, there was a general sense of reluctance to head back to work, allegedly because the building still stank of smoke.

Presumably this reluctance had nothing at all to do with the abundance of watering holes and coffee bars in the neighbourhood which must have done quite well from the institute.

Or perhaps the smell of smoke was just too much for those sensitive nostrils.

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