Taking Stock – A longer than usual millennium hangover.

Taking Stock has been bombarded this week with tales of the drinking exploits of one Welsh accountant who managed to disgrace himself on New Year’s Eve. Howard Potter, a 51-year-old Cardiff businessman and ACCA spokesman (at least he was until this happened), was plastered across national newspapers and television screens following his decision to take out a newspaper advertisement to apologise for his behaviour on the eve of the new millennium. Potter, who celebrated the occasion with family, friends and clients, has spent the first few weeks of the year being reminded of his antics. During his ten-hour session drinking £30-a-bottle champagne, Potter said he had run up an American Express bill large enough to buy a car. TS has sampled the delights of Mr Potter’s hospitality in person during a visit to the Welsh capital. That particular session finished at 5.00am in the lobby of the Jury’s Inn hotel in the city centre and involved several Irish rugby supporters and former international players. Unfortunately this time the discrepancy has ended Howard’s long association with the ACCA. He has been forced to resign from his post as the association’s South Wales spokesman. Among those he apologised to were: ‘The entire staff of the Hilton Hotel, several city centre landlords, the residents of Prospect Drive, a man called Toni at a fish bar, two passing police constables and the council cleansing department.’ Unfortunately, Potter forgot to apologise to ACCA and can no longer be the official link to the ‘Western Mail’. But it was not all bad news for Potter. He was named ‘Hero of the Week’ by Channel Four television show ‘The Big Breakfast.’ ?:

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