Taking Stock – ‘Accountancy gives me a rush of adrenaline’.

Tax accountants rarely seem to find themselves at the popular end when it comes to defining a sexy profession. So imagine TS’s surprise to find a case study centred on how much fun can be had advising clients on their returns. The piece, featured in the Financial Mail on Sunday, seemed a million miles away from the popular conception that accountancy was, well … boring. It reported: ‘There can be few jobs as satisfying as sorting out income tax demands and cutting bills for grateful clients.’ Indeed Rachel Baber, an accountant at Bristol-based Solomon Hare, said in the article: ‘I never get bored with it. There is quite a buzz around taxation because there are always new rules and regulations coming out.’ Meanwhile Richard Mannion, deputy president of the Chartered Institute of Taxation and a partner with the firm, gleefully added: ‘I have been in this profession for 33 years and it has certainly offered me many glimpses of excitement. ‘Some of the cases I’ve been concerned with have involved millions of pounds. I’m not sure if exciting is quite the right word to describe them, but they certainly involved a rush of adrenaline.’ TS wonders if tax accountancy could prove to be the new extreme sport to replace snowboarding or bungee jumping. Stay tuned.

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