ICAEW: a year to switch to new logo

The institute has called on members to use the new design, which cost £65,000
to change, within the next 12 months.

It has recommended that practitioners should make the switch gradually over
the next year to save on stationery costs – a move that the
ICAEW will undertake itself.

Despite the ICAEW’s attempt at keeping costs related to the new design to a
minimum, it has still come in for criticism. ‘I can’t see what it has to do with
me and consider it, like most re-branding exercises, a daft waste of money,’
said ICAEW member Duncan Heenan.

Others mocked its appearance, which features a slimmer-looking Economia and
discards the scales seen at the top of the old logo.

‘If I were a Guinness-drinking architect I might confuse it as a pub sign,’
said Neil Davies of Sully & Co. But he added that he thought it should be
‘relatively easy’ for practitioners to change their livery.

Launching the logo, chief executive Michael Izza said: ‘[The logo] aims to
retain the integrity of Economia while reflecting the fact that as a
professional body we must also look forward.’

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