EDS clinches MoD mega contract

The Ministry of Defence has awarded the EDS-led consortium ATLAS with the £2.3bn, 10-year, ‘defence information infrastructure (future)’ project.

EDS, along with Fujitsu, General Dynamics, EADS Defence, Security Systems and Logica, beat off competition from Radii, which included BT and Thales.

The DII(F) project aims to replace numerous individual information systems throughout the MoD with a single, more efficient information infrastructure. It should enable better communication between 340,000 military personnel and civil service staff, and will connect and support 150,000 desktop PCs, laptops and other devices.

‘We have an enormously experienced team that will work alongside colleagues in the MoD to bring about real and tangible improvements and savings,’ said Bill Thomas, president of EDS Europe.

Lord Bach, minister for defence procurement, said: ‘I am delighted that we have now signed a contract and am confident we will soon see the DII Future programme delivering real benefits for the MoD.’

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