Tax offices in six cities to close

The taxman has announced a new wave of tax office closures as part of the
Inland Revenue and Customs & Excise merger.

HM Revenue & Customs said that tax offices would close in Aberdeen,
Colwyn Bay, Newtown, Londonderry, Chester, Redhill and Exeter.

The changes relate to Customs and Revenue offices merging in those towns, a
spokeswoman said.

No jobs will be lost as a result of the moves, HMRC has made clear.

Around 15 offices have now closed or will close as part of the merger, she
said, adding that none of the moves related to the ongoing Gershon review. HMRC
chairman Sir David Varney admitted earlier this year that the Gershon efficiency
review would include office closures.

‘We are looking at rationalisation all together. Looking at this particular
area of savings is just one of them,’ the spokeswoman said.

The move is one of a range of changes to tax offices. HMRC is changing
enquiry centres so that instead of dealing with customers in a queue, it will be
providing ‘floorwalkers’ who assess whether queries required face to face
meetings or could be dealt with over the phone or on the internet.

For more on the closures go to
and search for HM Revenue & Customs releases.

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