Reward staff with dinner out

In addition to dinner Micahel Rose director of reward and recognition with the huge insurance group Axa, companies could also provide shares, tickets for sports events a bottle of champagne or the services of a domestic cleaner to improve staff motivation.

Rose who will shortly publish a book called Recognising Performance, believes should constantly be on the look out for ways of encouraging staff.

‘The most important thing is not what you give as a reward but that the individual gets some form of slightly formalised recognition that he or she didn’t expect. This can be just a note but it gives a boost and makes them feel good.’

Rose recommends a handful of rules for reward shcemes including thanking recipients immediatly and individually and told what the reward is for; the company paying the tax and national insurance on a gift; recognising teams and not just the manager and having peer groups decide who should be rewarded.

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