Taking Stock – Bali good excuse for a holiday.

Trips to such exotic locations as Bali don’t come along often, so when the opportunity comes up, you grab it with both hands.

But the paradise island was supposed to be the setting for some hard executive graft when it was chosen by KPMG as the location for tough discussions on the firm’s future in the Asia-Pacific.

Of course this was all in the revolutionary days when Colin Sharman, now a peer of the realm, was senior partner.

Jan Thornbury, a colleague and UK KPMG consultant was planning to drop in on the proceedings to give a progress report on development of the firm’s core values.

But, TS has learned, Jan being ill, the great man stepped in and at great personal sacrifice whisked himself off to give the report in her place.

And the subject at stake on those balmy beaches? The core corporate values of the firm!

Now forgive us, Lord Sharman, but we at TS rather think that the location says more about your core corporate values than anything you could have put down on paper.

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