EC whistleblower under pressure

Link: Kinnock defends suspension of accountant

Andreasen, who has been stripped of her responsibilities, had claimed that a preliminary paper from the Court, drawn up earlier this year, reported that the Commission’s accounting system had not been changed since it was strongly criticised in 1999.

There were still ‘obvious risks with its reliability’ and a ‘lack of security’ Andreasen quoted the paper as saying.

The Court said this was ‘not a report of the Court’. It had to be regarded as ‘a simple internal working document, strictly confidential, provisional and which, at this incomplete stage, does not commit the Court’, it said.

It was only when the Commission’s replies had been received and analysed that the Court could decide to draw up an official draft report which would then be transmitted to the auditee for its ‘final and official reply’ before the document could be published. The Court declined to say anything about the actual contents of the report.

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