Monarchy costs the taxpayer an extra 2%

The royals cost the British tax payer £40m this financial year, a 2% increase
on the previous year, according to public finance accounts.

The deputy treasurer to the Queen pointed out that in real terms this was a
3.1% drop in costs since 2001.

However, the bill did not include security costs provided by the police and
army. The Queen’s travel costs increased by more than 10% to £6.2m compared with
£5.6m in 2006-7. Her travels in 2007-08 included a state visit to the US in May
and a four-day visit to Uganda in November.

The costs for administration of honours increased by 40% to £700,000 compared
with £500,000 in 2006-7.

Further details of the monarch’s accounts can be viewed on the
British Monarchy

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