Departing NHS chief ‘saddened’ over finances

With the NHS suffering severe financial problems, chief executive Sir Nigel
Crisp has announced he will step down from the role at the end of the month.

Sir Nigel will take early retirement after more than five years in the post,
citing financial problems besetting NHS and primary care trusts as one of the
issues that has ‘particularly saddened him’.

The chief executive said he was ‘proud of his achievements’, but ‘not
everything had gone well’.

‘I am particularly saddened by the difficulties we have had over the last few
months and the financial problems we are grappling with,’ said Sir Nigel.

‘As chief executive, I wish to acknowledge my accountability for problems
just as I may take some credit for achievements.’

Shadow Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said Sir Nigel’s ‘rushed departure’
was an admission of crisis in the department’s centralised management.

‘Ministers can try and blame Sir Nigel but they are responsible. The NHS is
plunging into the red because ministers raised costs and pushed targets without
regard to the overall impact on services.’

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