Taking Stock – Girls told: ‘on yer bikes’.

Even Kingston Smith couldn’t save the Spice Girls in their dispute with Italian scooter manufacturer Aprilia. Head of the firm’s litigation support team Emile Woolf spiced up his life by appearing in the High Court to give evidence to help the band fend off a £1.6m damages claim. The company claimed Geri Halliwell’s departure from the band ruined a scooter endorsement deal. Woolf was in court to say it didn’t. After a month’s preparation, Woolf had his chance to say ‘Stop!’ to the Italian bikers. He contended the endorsement was not the central part of the deal between Aprilia and the Spice Girls and that the company benefited from its association with the band anyway. Of course, what he wanted, what he really, really, really wanted as an expert witness was for the Aprilia claim to be thrown out so he might help girl power to rule the day. Unfortunately for the man who told us all the Spice Girls were ‘charming’ and he had no particular favourite, the band was disappointed as Aprilia’s claim was upheld. Woolf was still in fighting mood this week. Despite reported damages of £1m, the exact amount still had to be determined, he told TS. And with an appeal still possible, both he and the girls could still be asking Aprilia: ‘Who do you think you are?’

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