TS: The dope on finance directors

One respondent declared with admirable honesty: ‘Are you crazy?! How on earth do you think I got through my ACA exams?’

Others were obviously content with their own job’s ability to achieve a natural high.

‘Accountants don’t need mind altering drugs, their work can do that without them.’

TS was heartened to see that some FDs were taking a professional attitude to the debate: ‘As I have to keep a clear head to do my job properly, I have resisted the temptation of trying cannabis,’ claimed one strong-willed accountant.

Others reverted to type: ‘I am afraid that I have to admit to being the archetypal boring accountant… though it might enhance my prospects of becoming a Conservative MP.’

The more cynically minded point to the revenue generation side of the argument: ‘…The government will try anything to make some money in extra taxes.’

This raises a very important issue; if cannabis were to be legalised then the government would be able to raise a whole Camberwell carrot’s worth of extra tax. Are there any high flying tax experts out there that would like to put a figure on it? TS contacted the press office of one Big Five firm to see if they could come up with an estimate but was politely told to put it in a pipe and smoke it.

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