Half of FDs say internet is safe.

One in two FDs say online transactions are safe, dismissing recent security hitches as teething problems. Less than a third say they are unsafe.

The findings of this week’s Accountancy Age/Reed Personnel Big Question come despite an embarrassing security breach last week forcing Barclays’ internet banking service offline for over three hours after customers reported being able to see others’ account details.

But 49% of the 342 FDs polled remain upbeat about online transactions.

‘If you reject new technology because of a few hiccups we’d still be riding around on ponies. ‘It is essential for progression,’ said Paul Guiffedi, FD of Swetenhams, a market consultancy and data services company.

‘Provided secured pages are used, transactions on the internet are no more risky than handing a credit card to a waiter,’ said Chris Plummer, FD at CIH, a housing charity.

While 19% of FDs remained neutral, 32% were sceptical about online security.

‘Look at the headlines. It is not just Barclays. Systems are not secure enough at the moment,’ said Jonathon Wood, FD for Penton Media.

The English ICA this week published a set of guidelines about buying on the web.

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