British companies still ignore ebusiness

Based on the findings of Reality Bites Digby Jones, director general of the CBI, said UK companies were making a lot of progress getting their businesses online.

‘But’, he cautioned, ‘many many are fearful, apathetic and lacking in understanding of what ebusiness can do for them. There is fear of both the huge technology costs from companies, and a lack of interest and fear of fraud on behalf of customers.

‘It clouds so much of the good news…The UK needs all companies to step up to the plate on this one,’ he said.

More positively, ebusiness is becoming more mainstream and companies that consider themselves fully integrated are seeing real savings.

According to the research 90% of companies surveyed believe ebusiness will eventually reduce costs by 10% or higher – but only 15% say they currently reap substantial financial benefits from ebusiness initiatives.

‘There are few opportunities to improve the bottom line like that in the current climate,’ said Jones.

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