MP rewarded for work with Public Accounts Committee

Tory MP Richard Bacon has been named Parliamentarian of the Year by the
Political Studies association for his work on the House of Commons Public
Accounts Committee.

The Norfolk South backbencher received his award in London last week

The citation says: ‘Richard Bacon’s excellent work on the Public Accounts
Committee epitomises how effective parliamentary work can achieve proper
scrutiny of the executive and create the potential for change.

‘Richard Bacon highlighted the abject inefficiency of the Home Office in its
failure to deport foreign prisoners, leading to the departure of the Home
Secretary and acknowledgement that the Home Office was “unfit for purpose” by
his successor.

‘Richard Bacon’s effective role on the Public Accounts Committee has been
complemented by his tenacity on the European Scrutiny Committee, on which he has
taken leading roles in tackling waste and inefficiency.

‘As a member of the Public Accounts Committee since 2001 he has focused on
the need for greater accountability and tighter management of government
spending, especially PFI projects.

‘Bacon has been a constant and very informed critic of new government IT
programmes, highlighting such scandals as the MOD’s inability to commission new
tracking software, despite being aware of problems with their system for more
than a decade. It was flaws in these programmes that led to some troops in Iraq
to wait months for vital items such as body armour.

‘In addition to his parliamentary duties, Bacon is a member of the James
Committee on Taxpayer Value set up by Michael Howard after he resigned the
leadership of the Conservative Party. Bacon is committed to reducing the cost of
government although he believes he has a battle on his hands as when it comes to
Whitehall “the trouble is that the system rewards spending money, not looking
after it”.’

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