ERP – Lawson lifts lid on SQL Server version

In its ‘deliberate, but leading-edge way’, Lawson Software has finally jumped on the Microsoft SQL Server bandwagon, writes John Stokdyk.

At the Minnesota-based company’s UK user conference at Heathrow last week, chairman Richard Lawson confirmed that SQL Server versions of the company’s Insight business management range were ready to ship in Europe.

Lawson prides itself on retaining customers through several hardware generations – all the way back to Burroughs B1000 computers, explained Lawson. In Europe, around 40% of Lawson users run IBM AS/400 systems and a similar number use Unix-driven machines.

‘NT will not wipe out Unix,’ said Lawson. ‘The world is telling us there will be four major platforms: mainframes, NT, Unix and AS/400. As long as the operating system, hardware and database is viable in the industry, we’ll support it.’

Lawson also announced the availability of the euro-ready Release 7.0.7, which is claimed to meet the basic requirements set out by UK software trade association BASDA.

In addition, Lawson introduced an enhanced Performance Indicator Suite, which pre-configures more than 200 typical business measures so that management accountants and senior executives can create their own ‘scorecard’ reports.

Adam Thier, the product manager for the PI suite, said 30 to 40% of the cost of a typical ERP system was involved in writing reports. ‘This product will cut this by 90%,’ he said.

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