Byers boosts status of part-timers

The proposals – unveiled in the consultation paper Part-time Work – Public Consultation – cover pay, pensions, training, and holidays and are designed to ensure that part-timers are not treated unfairly.

It will mean part-timers will receive the same hourly rate as comparable full-time employees and receive the same hourly rate of over-time as comparable full-time employees once they have worked more than the normal full-time hours.

The proposals will also ensure part-timers are not excluded from training simply because they work part-time and give them the same entitlements to annual leave and maternity/parental leave on a pro-rata basis as full-time colleagues.

Byers said: ‘Part-time work is valued by both employers and employees, and for good reasons. It means companies can have a flexible, cost-effective, experienced workforce and employees can balance their life at work with other commitments.

‘We want to establish a minimum standard of fairness for part-timers so that no longer will they be treated less favourably than the full-timers they work alongside. These proposals will also help the vast majority of employers who already follow good practice and are being undercut by less scrupulous competitors.’

Part-time Work – Public Consultation

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