UK accountants working 45-hour weeks

The majority of finance and accounting workers in the UK (54%) work between
36 and 45 hours per week, according to a survey by recruitment firm Robert Half
Finance & Accounting.

Globally, the majority of accounting and finance professionals (57%) work
between 36 and 45 hours per week, with 13% of respondents admitting to working
between 46 and 55 hours per week and 4% saying they regularly work more than 55
hours per week.

The hardest working accountants appear to be in Ireland where 31% work
between 46 and 55 hours per week, compared with 19% in Belgium and just 15% in
the US.

Ian Graves, managing director continental Europe at Robert Half
International, said: ‘Overwhelmingly, the survey shows that the majority of
finance professionals are working excessively long hours. To address this issue,
change needs to be driven from the top down. Employers should urge their staff
to manage their time effectively and offer incentives that help workers achieve
a healthy work-life balance – commonly cited as the number one employee

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