Election 2001: Accountancy round-up

One of the most relieved this morning must be David Heathcoat Amory. His constituency of Wells was on a knife edge with a majority for the Conservative chartered accountant of just 528. But he trounced Liberal Democrat hopeful Graham Oakes, increasing his lead to 2,796.

In a stunning win, Liberal Democrat Ed Davey, a member of the party’s Treasury team in the last parliament, crushed David Shaw, formerly of Coopers & Lybrand, increasing his majority by 23.5%. Previously Davey had a lead of only 56 votes in the commuter belt seat of Kingston and Surbiton and described himself as ‘humbled’ by the size of his win.

Another Liberal Democrat success story was Michael Moore, who was previously at Coopers’ Edinburgh office. The party’s spokesman on transport, increased his lead from the 1997 election by 11% and now holds a majority of 5,157 over Labour in the Borders seat of Tweeddale, Ettrick & Lauderdale.

Tory Peter Bone a chartered accountant and former FD, failed to erode Labour’s lead in Wellingborough and must be disappointed given Labour’s majority was only 187 – the smallest Labour majority in the country.

Nick Gibb (Con), Keith Bradley (Lab), Harry Cohen (Lab), David Taylor (Lab), Julia Drown (Lab) and Michael Foster (Lab) all held on in their seats.


Election 2001

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