Firms issue May Day security advice

One Big Five firm has warned staff to make sure they wear causal clothes and advised that client meetings should not be held at London offices on Tuesday, the day of the protests.

Workers have also been told not to carry expensive belongings which could damaged or stolen.

One mid-tier firm has taken the precaution of warning staff that: ‘Suits, Rolex watches, carrying lap tops, jewellery are all to be avoided’. It also said it would be sensible to stay in the office for lunch on the day.

City institutions have been in talks with the Metropolitan and City of London police forces to prepare security arrangements for day which last year turned into an all out riot.

Similar violence is expected on Tuesday and the police has warned that in contrast to last year’s ‘softly softly’ approach, it will take a zero tolerance stance.

Today the Financial Times reported that front office porters at one organisation has been issued with baseball bats in readiness for the day.

Action from anarchists and anti-capitalists is expected across many areas of London, including Oxford Street and the West End, rather than concentrating on the City as it did last year.

  • As UK police forces mobilise to face the May Day protests on Tuesday with a ‘zero tolerance’ policy, security professionals have reported it to be all quiet on the internet underground, writes James Middleton of

Matt Tomlinson, business development director at security firm MIS, said that last year’s threats spawned a lot of worry for UK companies. ‘Just before last year’s protests we saw a lot of corporates getting their IT security sorted out. They were in a bit of a panic about internet based attacks.’

But this year the underground seems to be much quieter. ‘Businesses have a more mature attitude this time round,’ he said. ‘They’ve got more confidence in their infrastructure.’


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