Women still ‘locked out’ of boardrooms

Women continue to have little influence in company boardroom after a report
by Deloitte found that they currently account for just 3% of executive directors
and 10% of non-executives in the FTSE 350

A string of gender equality campaigns have had little impact, the report

At present there are just 97 women non-executives in the FTSE 100 and 16
executives, while the FTSE 250 has 94 and 24, respectively.

Carol Arrowsmith, head of the remuneration team at Deloitte, said high-flying
women – such as Pearson’s Dame Marjorie Scardino, Dorothy Thompson at Drax Power
and the London Stock Exchange’s Clara Furse – were still very much in the

‘There is still a huge gender imbalance in the boardroom and you can count
the number of female chief executives on the fingers of one hand,’ she said.
‘It’s still difficult for them to get to the top of a corporate hierarchy.’

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