NAO needed Sharman report, says PAC

In a special report Westminster’s main financial watchdog fully endorsed proposals allowing the NAO to audit non-departmental public bodies and gain access to companies established by public bodies and organisations which receive public funds such as train operators.

‘We believe the report provided a comprehensive set of measures which, implemented as a whole, will help ensure the continued effectiveness of audit and accountability arrangement into the 21st century,’ said PAC.

‘We strongly support the report’s recommendations. We believe each must play a full part in ensuring the report is implemented as a whole,’ the group added.

PAC also suggested the government seeks to extend the powers enabling parliament access to the Civil List.

At a recent PAC hearing, veteran Labour minister Allen Williams said the disaster of the Pathway scheme in creating a swipe card-based system for paying benefits was ‘a perfect example of why wider NAO access is needed’. Links

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