Accountants make Fortune’s best 100 list

Southfield, Michigan-based
Plante & Moran,
USA’S 11th biggest accounting firm, received top-ranking in the sector for the
10th year in Fortune magazine’s ‘the 100 best companies to work for’
list, at 44th place, ahead of Ernst & Young at 57, KPMG at 71,
PricewaterhouseCoopers at 90 and Deloitte & Touche USA at 95.

Companies are ranked in a number of areas in the survey, including
management’s credibility, job satisfaction and camaraderie.

‘Over the years we’ve focused on our people and it’s allowed us to better
service our clients,’ Bill Hermann, Plante & Moran managing partner, said.
‘There’s a ‘we care’ attitude that we believe differentiates us in the
workplace, as well as in delivering service to our clients.’

He pointed out the firm has a parenting tightrope committee which focuses on
the needs of the parents on the staff, as well as the staff’s parents. ‘Frank
Moran had a belief that the whole person comes to work,’ Hermann said. ‘There’s
a balance between personal life and professional life, and you need to maintain

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